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thanks for the favs and comments :)
I apreciate them a lot! :heart:

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It's been a while since I last posted a journal, he. :)

Well, it got to my atenttion an important issue related to Sexual-Offenderman or Incubus as how he is called in my fanfic about him.

I know many of you have been following my works about him and those who follow his group as well might came across a journal where it mentions a YouTube user who claims to be his original owner and also spread some pretty harmfull myths about the character such as picturing Offenderman's sexual attacks as something "romantic"

I will be clear:

-Offenderman's real authoress is :iconarcanineryu: and she didn't gave permission to this person or nobody else to appropriate her character.

-The character is FICTIONAL. It might sound silly I say something this obvious, but sadly there's a significant portion of people out there who can't see the difference between reality and fiction and I repeat, he isn't real (thankfully)

-He is a rapist, wich makes him a bad guy. That simple, there's no grey areas when it comes to sexual assault, nobody rapes for "love" or self defense, rape is a crime where the rapist seeks to humiliate, dominate and hurt their victims. Rapist don't care for their victims, so does Offenderman, he doesn't rape for "love".

-You can have creative liberty when it comes to fictional characters, but is important to take certain limitations in mind such as spreading negative messages to a young and inexperienced audience,  like making rape look romantic, such as state fictional characters as real and claim somebody else's creation as yours. We as artists can have a deeper impact in others than we think and we have to be responsible of what we do.

-The character started as a parody with comedy purposes and as a form to re focus the sexualized art relating Slenderman (no joke)
But this doesn't mean his authoress or me think rape is funny at all. We don't make fun of raped people either, in fact, in Arc's art he does anything but rape actually. (Ironic, isn't it?)

-Since myself been drawing Offenderman for years I also need to state that the reason of why I like his character is because he represents some of my personal fears and one of my ways to deal with fear is art. I see a lot of complexity on him that I find amusing, but never admirable. Since he is a monster and not a human he represents a lot of what's wrong with the world in one single creature. Plus, I choose to picture the dramatic impact his behavior has on others since the ones dealing with it are his victims (in my fic case, the children that came out of it as well) Offenderman in my fan fic doesn't care for how his actions affect others, he only cares to use people for his own benefit. He might grow some affection for his children, true, but he will never loves them as much as he loves himself.

That's what I felt like saying, I somehow feel responsible for this character, who isn't mine, but had a particular impact on my art during this years.

Sorry for deactivating comments, I have no time for replying more comments for now.


It's a Jane!
Hehe, little something for :iconangelpony99: :hug:

Hehe, the title is based on the one in her avatar :giggle:

Just a simple sketchy portrait :)
For some reason the DA app doesn't allow me to see the comments I get in my works are almost any notification :stare:
Again, the app causing problems :stare:
I think I will focus to reply my unanswered comments and replies. There are like 128...
It's gonna take a while...
A 2016 drawing I finished last night. Is refreshing to make some traditional art, not to mention that I'm been fascinated by greek mythology (mythology in general actually) since I can remember :)

Medusa was fun to work on, but her snakes were a LOT of work T.T

Pencils on paper :)


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