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thanks for the favs and comments :)
I apreciate them a lot! :heart:

Thanks for fav English version by FERNL

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Stopping by to thanks everyone for the support during these years. Came to reply some comments, but sadly, I won't be able to answer them all, either my old conversations, specially those that are months old. 
Just to let you know I read every single message I get. Even if I no longer have the time for to check what happens here at least I can let you know here how I really apreciate it. Really, for years, this was the only place my art and stories were accepted and noticed. 

I don't know when I can come back and have activity over here, but as long as I don't accomplish anything with my art and life in general I won't be able to be around here.

Thanks everyone, you all rock :hug:.
I decided I will take a long break from DA, since my personal projects require more of my free time.

Plus I woke up today feeling I need to do more with my life at this point, I mean, I'm getting closer and closer to my 30s and I realized I have accomplished so little artistically and in general. In DA I constantly see kids on their early 20s or younger already reaching the peak of their talent, while myself I'm 28 and I still haven't reached my full potential if I have any.

The ones who are my age are hardly here because they are busy working full time on their art, while me I have the time to come because I'm not doing anything else besides working as a Secretary in a place that has nothing to do with art.

And offline I see people my age living on their own, improving constantly in all the aspects of their lives, traveling, experiencing new stuff, studying new careers, while myself I still feel I have the life of an old teenager. Is true I'm unintelligent, but is not an excuse to be stuck where I am now, lack of intelligence is not an excuse for laziness. Art is one of the hardest  a subject to succeed and I can't rest on it if I want to do anything useful with it.

I mean, if I die today, I would go leaving nothing behind and realizing how little I lived. I don't wanna leave this world with such drustration.

I think is time to take seriously my projects and focus my time on them properly, like I haven't done in all my life time, but in order to do so I will have to absent myself from here. I will return periodically to answer the comments, but I won't be posting stuff for a while and when I do, it will be about my fanfic, wich is also another project I want to finish this year.

Thank everyone for your support, feedback and help, really, is trully appreciated. :hug:
Something I've wanting to ask for a while and hope your can answer me with honesty: Do you think a couple like my characters Adrian and Aurora would ever exist in real life?

Adrian is a conventionally handsome young and tall man, Aurora a large short and average young woman and they are both asexual.

I ask because I want to have in mind in my future stories to make more realistic characters, I feel guilty when I set unrealistic goals in my stories.
At times I wish there was another idiot to hang out with, be the only dummy among smart people can feel a little lonely after a while...

Not that I'm sad, by the way, is just gets boring, when you are dumb you get bored pretty quick XD


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The Spectator by Onyx-Philomel

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Awesome work! :D
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