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thanks for the favs and comments :)
I apreciate them a lot! :heart:

Thanks for fav English version by FERNL

Orders by Brejchova
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I made this account to post my fan art and fan fic works :)

Thanks for fav English version by FERNL And is OK by Brejchova

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Orders by Brejchova

These are the fan fics I´ve been posting

"Big deal"

Big Deal by Brejchova

"Splendor and Aurora"

A present for you my friend by Brejchova


Incubus: the child by Brejchova

If you want to see more of me and see my non fan art works you can check my facebook art page…


An sketch of something I've been wanting to do for a while.

Is based on the context of my country, Chile:

Chileans like most of America are mixed race, we are mostly the product of Spanish people and the many diverse indigenous tribes that were here (most of them are now gone, all what remains are a few descendants)

Chileans are 50% percent white and other percent has dark skin, like our indigenous ancestors, but even so, Chile has always been pretty xenophobic and racist. There's a lot of praising of anything European or North American, but a lot of despising of people from other american countries, specially Peru, Bolivia and Argentina.

But as time went by Chile has started to get more and more immigrants, specially since the begging of the 21 century and among them a lot of ethnicities that weren't seen before here.

And the problem is that Chile has revealed to be, besides of xenophobic, racist, specially againts black people.

Is amazing how much they blame and hate on black people of anything wrong here, specially Colombians, some fear Chile will "get darker"

Idiots :stare:


People are fluid, race is fluid, we are all mixed, period, no race is better than the other.

Those children born here are Chilean and there's NO wrong with it.

Is amazing there's people who can't get that :stare:

Made with medibang.
Do you think is there a way to become smarter? Not a genius, just regular smart.

Im starting to notice that regardless of my diet, exercises, studies, sleeping habits, paying attention, asking for help, dedication and be in an excellent mood my intelligence remains low.
I consider to go to a doctor so I can get an official answer about why I'm still so stupid after doing everything that should help my intelligence.
I'm not smart enough to be normal, but I can't be considered retarded or border intelligence either and is very frustrating.

I preffer advice before going to a doctor.
Incubus: discipline this!
What happens after this…
I wanted to make a serie of images... that ended looking like a comic in the end XDDDD

Well, this was expectable, couldn't go so bad in this story :giggle:

So Adrian understood the message left in his room and got in time to help his mother.

It took him a while to get there, since Adrian is still learning how to use his teleportation powers, but he made it on time and he is doing what he was wanting to do for a long time...

Why Adrian didn't do this earlier? Because he was afraid to face Incubus. Adrian has powers he is still learning to control and he didn't felt reasy to face an apparently stronger being, regardless of all the suffering he made him go through, but this occasion there's no time for fear when somebody he loves is in danger.

And this is the first time Goldie gets protected from Incubus. Good it is her son the one to do so...

Incubus, aka, Sexual Offenderman belongs to :iconarcanineryu:
Adrian and Goldie belong to me.
I want to thank everyone for the late suport in my newest comic :)
At times doesn't seem like it, but it reallys means a lot and I'm very thankfull for it :)


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